Amanda Springs

Amanda Springs is a business development manager at Torani. She has more than 12 years of experience leading sales and category management initiatives in the foodservice industry and is passionate about using business as a force for good.

Amanda has a varied background in both purchasing and sales. At RaceTrac Petroleum she handled the hot beverage category, rolling out a new coffee and cappuccino program across 400+ stores. From there she joined FETCO where she managed the southeastern sales territory for 3 years before being promoted to national accounts. As a national account director, Amanda successfully increased business and built strong relationships with the company’s top accounts. 

In 2019, Amanda joined Torani, where she has been focused on expanding their non-commercial business. In her current role she gets to put her networking skills to good use uncovering various partnership opportunities across the eastern U.S. Amanda thrives in an ever-changing environment and loves a challenge. In her free time, Amanda enjoys traveling and exploring with her fiancé, Darren, and their fur child, Gus.  

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Kennesaw State University. 

What is your company mission?

Torani’s mission is to provide flavor for all and opportunity for all

What does your company do? What product or service do you offer?

Torani is an amazing flavor company that was established in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood in 1925. We’re known for our syrups, sauces and real fruit smoothie mixes. Torani put Italian soda on the map and created the world's first flavored latte. From the start, we have only used the best ingredients like natural flavors and pure cane sugar, but our newest line of Puremade syrups and sauces are 100% clean label with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Enjoyed in cafés, restaurants and home kitchens around the world, Torani continues to inspire and lead flavor innovation globally, while remaining a family-owned, Bay Area business.

How long have you been a B Corp™?

Certified in April 2019

What attracted you to B Corp™?

At Torani, we believe in doing the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do. This goes hand in hand with the B Corp™ mentality of balancing purpose and profit and is the way we’ve always done business. It was a natural fit to become B Corp™ certified.

Why does B Corp™ matter to you?

Torani chose to apply for B Corp™ certification with the belief that businesses have a greater responsibility beyond profit, and that all businesses should – and can – consider the impact of their decisions on their team members, customers, operators, partners, community, and the environment. It means the world to work for a company that puts people first.

What two or three activities do you do within your company to keep the B Corp™ mission a key part of your company culture?

Torani has always enjoyed giving back and supporting our local communities. One important initiative we’ve gotten involved with is SHE-CAN which identifies smart, low-income young women from countries restoring peace who are passionate about changing their nations and pairs them with mentor teams to help them win scholarships to top U.S. schools. As graduates, the scholars return home equipped with powerful connections, leadership training, and the tools needed to be leaders in their communities. Another important initiative since the onset of COVID-19 has been Torani’s Cafe Opportunity Fund which provides relief funds to local cafes and baristas that were deeply impacted by the pandemic to help them get back on their feet.

If you were encouraging other companies to consider applying for B Corp™ certification, what would you say to them? Why should they become a B Corp™?

Becoming a B Corp™ sets the tone for your entire company. It gives you a clear road map to how you want to grow and helps you navigate tough decisions. The awareness of B Corp™ continues to grow and becoming certified should attract top level candidates to your company and will set you apart from your competitors.