Bri Decker

Feeling inspired by nature and the outdoors from a young age, Bri Decker has spent her entire professional career promoting conservation and social responsibility through a variety of unique angles. Combining over a decade of experience with the political sector, nonprofit and public policy, the outdoor industry, international work, and scaling social enterprises, Bri is passionate about using capitalism to benefit stakeholders and promoting a greater good. She is currently leading Avocado Mattress’s social responsibility and sustainability projects by creating new standards of sustainability within the industry and world at large.

What is your company mission?

Avocado's mission is to be one of the world’s most sustainable brands.

What does your company do? What product or service do you offer?

Avocado Green Mattresses are designed in Hoboken and handmade in sunny California with only the finest naturally non-toxic and 100% certified organic materials. Our mission is to be the most respected source for organic mattresses, bedding and pillows at affordable prices — while maintaining environmentally conscious, ethical and sustainable business practices — to help safeguard your health and protect our planet.

How long have you been a B Corp™?

Avocado Mattress was first certified in March of 2020.

What attracted you to B Corp™?

As a socially conscious and environmentally friendly business, with a heavy focus on our stakeholders, we knew that the certification was the right thing to do.

Why does B Corp™ matter to you?

Refining capitalism is absolutely essential in order for people and our planet to thrive (and survive) in the future.

What two or three activities do you do within your company to keep the B Corp™ mission a key part of your company culture?

B Corp™ values are heavily integrated in our company's mission and culture. My role is centered around initiatives such as organic and non-toxicity certifications, employee engagement, carbon counting, coordinating donations, and so much more. These ever-evolving projects help us improve our score on the application and ensure our organization is well-positioned to continue growing in a responsible way.

If you were encouraging other companies to consider applying for B Corp™ certification, what would you say to them? Why should they become a B Corp™?

Everyday consumers are coming with heavier demands regarding how enterprises should act within their communities, their environments, and with their workers. Sporting the B Corp™ logo on your website or products proves that you’re a step ahead of the curve and builds brand confidence within your consumer base.