Scott Sadler

Scott Sadler is the founder and President of Boardwalk Capital Management, the Southeast’s first wealth management firm to become a Certified B Corporation™

From the major investment houses to his own firm, Scott has advised affluent individuals, families and institutions more than 30 years, including seven years running a top-ranked emerging markets mutual fund. Today, he specializes in tax-efficient investing, sustainable (ESG) equity and social impact investment portfolios in public and private markets. 

Scott is a regular lecturer at Atlanta area universities.  He currently sits on many boards and is a past Board Chairman of the Green Chamber of the South.

What is your company mission?

Boardwalk’s social mission is to help as many investors as possible to invest for impact and a “triple bottom line”.

What does your company do? What product or service do you offer?

Boardwalk Capital Management provides a variety of investment management services to individuals and organizations, helping each client make progress towards their financial goals while staying true to their social objectives and personal values. Our services are as varied as sustainable 401k plans for companies, IRA rollovers for employees and impact-oriented private investments for wealthy families and institutions.

How long have you been a B Corp™?

Boardwalk has been a B Corp™ for about five years.

What attracted you to B Corp™?

When founding the company, we wanted to get off on the right foot and cement our values as part of our very structure. The B Corp™ certification process helped us do that.

Why does B Corp™ matter to you?

We like for people to know that we run our business in the same way that we expect the companies in which we invest to run theirs.

What two or three activities do you do within your company to keep the B Corp™ mission a key part of your company culture?

We made sure that we are a carbon neutral company. I converted my personal portfolio to fossil fuel free many years ago and shared all of my trades with the public, for full transparency. We volunteer with organizations like the Green Chamber of the South, the Citizens Climate Lobby and the UN- RCE of Greater Atlanta, where I co-lead a youth mentorship program.

If you were encouraging other companies to consider applying for B Corp™ certification, what would you say to them? Why should they become a B Corp™?

It will change your thinking. It will shape your company. It helps you remain authentic and a bit humble, too.