2021: A Year of Continued Momentum and Connecting Communities

As the new year quickly approaches summer, we’re excited to announce that we’re actively planning in-person events as it becomes clear (knock on every piece of wood in the house) that we’re going to be back to normal sometime this summer. That being said, we also recognize how convenient virtual programming was for a vast majority of us. Here is just some of what we have planned for 2021. 


  • March 31st: The Brand Sandwich. Hear from three industry experts as they facilitate a workshop about the importance of aligning brand, communication, and culture. 

  • Early May: UGA B Collaborative Project Presentations 

  • June/July: DeKalb (Clarkston/Decatur) County Event We’re heading down to DeKalb County to celebrate our return to the wild as see everyone in person. Of course, we’ll have speakers and all the in-person networking you can handle. 

  • August: Start-Up Scale-Up: Join us as benefits experts break down what to expect as you grow, how to budget for benefits, and why you need to be thinking about them now. 

  • October 21st: BLD SOUTHEAST! This year’s version will remain virtual to give more people the opportunity to attend. Don’t worry, we’re using the same networking platform and we’ll have three inspiring groups of speakers for you to meet and learn from. 

  • Some Point in the Fall: UGA/Athens Event: For those of you who have joined us in the past, this is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some of the best that Athens to offer, hear from some amazing changemakers in the Classic City, and network with like-minded students from UGA. Our 2019 event started at Cine, was catered by The National, and continued across the street at Creature Comfort’s beautiful taproom. And as always, we’ll work to secure some discounted rooms with our friends at Hotel Indigo Athens. 


Continue to Build a Regional Community of Good: Oh, how we love this word. We’re firm believers in the magical powers of intentional networking and community building. Our main objective this year is to continue the momentum we somehow made in a year when we were all so isolated. We’re collaborating with our BLD counterparts on shared content and another awesome BLD Southeast. We’re also actively partnering with other business-mission nonprofits to amplify all of our voices. 


Expand our Academic Footprint: While the University of Georgia continues to lead the way with its B Collaborative, run out of their Full-Time MBA program, 2020 has already seen B Corp™ projects pop up in other places. The Consult Your Community Clubs at Georgia Tech and Emory both took on spring projects, while the Triple Impact Consulting Club at UGA took on two projects as well, bringing our spring count to nine projects.  In addition, 2020 marked the arrival of noted B Academic Dr. Garima Sharma to Georgia State University, where she serves as the Director of the BIS in Social Entrepreneurship program. If you work or study at a college or university in Georgia and would like to get involved, please let us know!


Continue to Advocate for Business as a Force for Good: And lastly, we’re not going anywhere. If you haven’t been paying attention over the past 10-15 years, this whole B Corp™ movement, and the greater CSR movement, is shifting society to a better place. We believe it is our place, as business leaders, and now more than ever, to use our collective voices to call for a capitalism that works for everyone, no matter race, religion, or gender, and a capitalism that works for the long term, for our planet and for the generations after us.


Are you as fired up as we are? If you’d like to get involved, get in touch with us. Our board members are always happy to talk B Corps™ and how you can get involved.